What is Maxene Reporter™?

Maxene Reporter™ is a reporting system that uses Microsoft Excel® as the tool with which to design and present information to a user. The user designs the report as a standard MS Excel® spreadsheet which is uploaded into the Maxene Reporter™ system. When a report is generated Maxene Reporter™ populates information from multiple data sources into the spreadsheet and presents this to the user.

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Why should I choose Maxene Reporter™?

Maxene Reporter™ should be used whenever a user might want to process or interact with data in a report. This is not possible in passive file types such as PDF. However, if the report is presented as a spreadsheet, the inherent tools available in spreadsheet programs enables sophisticated analysis such as what-if scenario planning, statistical measurements, etc.

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How can Maxene Reporter™ help me with gathering the right information?

Maxene Reporter™ can collect and present information from multiple data sources and systems simultaneously. This enables users to see and map information across independent data silos making the information more meaningful and insightful.

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What are some other unique features of Maxene Reporter™?

Some of Maxene Reporter™’s unique features are:

  • Ability to use standard Excel® spreadsheets with no special add-ons
  • Server-side report processing and generation
  • Security for data separation and access across departments and groups
  • Scheduled report generation and delivery
  • Ability to use macros within Excel spreadsheets for additional programming and data processing

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What type of operating system can run Maxene Reporter™?

Maxene Reporter™ is designed to run on any newer version of Windows® (after Server 2003) that is installed with IIS and a licensed copy of Microsoft Excel®.

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What types of files does Maxene Reporter™ produce?

Maxene Reporter™ generates standard Excel® files, zipped Excel® files, and PDF reports.

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What are some new features and where can I found out about future developments?

Licensed versions of the software are constantly updated and release notes are provided with each new install package.

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