Guided Information Management

All businesses regardless of size have four essential functions that make up the cycle of execution. It is imperative that the leadership team proactively manage them so that the company can stay sustainable and profitable in the long-run. They are as follows:

  1. Marketing – Where potential customers find out about the business
  2. Sales – Where customers purchase the product or service
  3. Operations – Where the company delivers value to customers
  4. Finance – Where the company manages its money and resources

As work flows through these functions, so must the underlying information. In today’s technology environment there are excellent systems, applications, and tools that deliver much of the functionality needed by businesses. However, as the functionality of these tools increases, so does the complexity.

Our EISIL (pronounced “Easel”) methodology helps clients better understand how their systems and processes will meet their business objectives. Companies that manage complexity and information flow well are able to respond more effectively to challenges and opportunities

Profits PlusTM

Profits PlusTM is a multi-user, multi-corporation, integrated business operations system specially designed for the reprographics, manufacturing and retail industries. The range of functionality offered by Profits Plus™ offers organizations the ability to manage all business processes from order processing to purchasing & inventory control and all accounting functions.

Unlike standard accounting packages, we have assembled a comprehensive business management solution with robust technology tools. Our software features deliver interactive, timely, revenue, sales, profit, and cash performance information on demand.

Online Document Access System

The MVSWebTM Online Document Access System for Profits PlusTM (ODAS) is a web-based application that is part of the MVSWebTM suite of applications whose primary function is to give internal users (company employees, consultants, accountants, etc.) and external users (customers and partners) read-only access over the web to scanned or electronically generated images of documents such as invoices and checks. It also includes online statement and order history lookups directly from the Profits PlusTM ERP system. In 2016, the system was enhanced to allow customers the ability to pay multiple invoices, in which the payment information is automatically sent to Profits PlusTM.

The business objective in creating this system was to minimize the number of phone calls that occur when customers need copies of documents such as invoices, look at their payment records, or want to review their account information.

The application uses web-based technology so as to make it accessible using a standard Internet Web-browser available both internally within the organization and externally via the Internet. One of the major enabling components is the MVS-UDA (Universal Data Access) component developed by MVS Alliance for access into Profits PlusTM information.

Maxene ReporterTM

Maxene ReporterTM is a smart, stress-free, easy to use information management system. It provides decision-makers a simple mechanism to generate and receive business reports in a variety of formats (i.e. e-mail, web page, etc.).

Maxene ReporterTM can populate a single spreadsheet with data from one or more ODBC compliant databases. It allows users to schedule reports with specific input values. After reports are generated, it delivers them directly to the end-user and to any number of specified recipients.

If you’re interested in a demo of Maxene ReporterTM, please contact us.