What is Profits Plus™?

Profits Plus™ is a multi-user, multi-corporation, integrated business operations system specially designed for the reprographics, manufacturing and retail industries. The range of functionality offered by Profits Plus™ offers organizations the ability to manage all business processes from order processing to purchasing & inventory control and all accounting functions.

Moreover, the functionality in the system addresses unique requirements of the reprographics industry, such as square footage pricing, quantity pricing tables, job tracking, split shipment, contract pricing, etc.

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Why should I choose Profits Plus™?

As a business grows, it is imperative to operate effectively and efficiently. Profits Plus™ helps your company achieve operational excellence.

The on-line Order Processing module provides information on your delivery obligations, and also facilitates increased delivery capacity.

The Inventory Control module gives you the ability to pro-actively manage your inventory. The on-line inventory control module updates inventory in real-time as orders are entered.

Modules such as Job Tracking let you efficiently manage custom jobs increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Accounts Payable/Receivable and General Ledger modules provide a snapshot of your company’s fiscal health at your fingertips. This lets you make business decisions in minutes (as opposed to days) if you use an external accounting service. Over time, service costs associated with such accounting services outweigh the costs associated with the system deployment and maintenance investment. The system also lets you establish internal standards and procedures that are easy to execute. For example, the unique design of the general ledger module eliminates the typical “month-end rush”. This means that you do not have to close the books on the last day of the month as in other accounting packages, resulting in a stress-free, end-of-month procedure.

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How does Profits PlusTM increase profitability?

Profits PlusTM gives you the ability to address issues in the following areas:

  • Cash Control so that you can use your capital more effectively
  • Sales Management so that you can better manage revenues
  • Improved accuracy in billing to enable you to avoid costly errors
  • Purchasing efficiency to lower costs
  • Cost analysis and control
  • Wasted material control
  • Overall operations efficiency

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What is the current version of the system?

Unlike a traditional software product company, we do not release periodic versions of the system. Enhancements are continually made based on changes in the business environment or based on client requests. These enhancements are automatically included in both scheduled and on-demand updates for all client systems.

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What operating system does Profits Plus™ support?

Profits Plus™ can run on SCO UNIX and Windows® Server versions 2000, 2003, 2008, 2011, and 2012.

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