Save Time in Profits Plus

Are you looking to save some time? There may be features in Profits Plus you’re not aware of in your arsenal of tools. Did you know you don’t have to recreate vouchers, orders, invoices, void checks, or even credit memos from scratch?  What used to take multiple steps in different modules now takes a few simple keystrokes while still ensuring the books are all correct. Check out these time-saving features and get some of your day back.

  • Have vouchers for the same vendor that come up every month? Similar vouchers for multiple vendors? Or maybe you’re looking for an old voucher that has all the info you need for a new one? You can copy it! Instead of searching for and manually entering the information, you can copy the voucher. Need to make slight changes? No problem. You can change your newly created voucher in “Voucher entry & editing.”  To learn how to copy an existing voucher, click here.
  • Have similar orders for multiple customers? Recurring orders? Or maybe there is a past project you’d like to replicate for a new customer? Let’s put this copy function to use. Like in the voucher copy function, you can recreate orders and invoices, even credit memos of existing orders. If you need to make slight changes, you can edit these as well. To learn how to copy an existing or past order, click here.
  • Need to void an A/P vendor check from this month, or maybe an old check from a month closed out? The void check feature streamlines this once tricky process. To learn how to void checks, click here.

We hope these serve as a helpful reminder or revelation about what you can do in Profits Plus. You can rest assured that all the other pieces these actions can affect are put in the right place when you perform these easy functions.