Do You Know Your System?

At MVS Alliance, we continually strive to optimize your user experience by streamlining functions and adding new features. We try to let you know about those improvements & new features via an email following system updates, in newsletters, on our website (, and in personal phone discussions.

No matter how hard we try, we understand not everyone will see or remember all the features introduced over time. We were reminded of this again in recent conversations and thought it might be helpful to stop and ask the question – Did you know Profits Plus can…


  • Export reports in a comma separate values format so they can open directly as a spreadsheet for analyzing information & aiding in making the best possible business decisions? The exports can be opened directly on Windows servers hosting Profits Plus and can be emailed with the optional Profits Plus email package on both Windows & SCO Unix based Profits Plus servers.
  • Automatically create purchase orders in one streamlined function instead of manually checking inventory and creating purchase orders for items with low stock levels?
  • Save time and reduce the chance for mistakes by automatically importing invoices and purchase orders from customers and vendors?
  • Create segmented statement messages for customers depending on what they owe you?
  • Use Payroll for direct deposit into your employees’ personal checking, saving and other accounts?
  • Create a positive pay export file to send your bank for fraud protection?
  • Keep track of your cash via multiple checking accounts in accounts payable and accounts receivable?
  • Void A/P checks simply without making manual entries, whether they’re old or current, and whether the vendor invoices are to be repaid or dropped from payables?
  • Unapply and/or reapply documents on-the-fly in accounts receivable customer account inquiry?
  • Create copies and credit memos of previous orders from customers?

Custom Options:

  • Capture important customer data in real-time from your customer relationship management (“CRM”) software?
  • Integrate information from Profits Plus into your website or third-party and in-house systems, including:
    • Customer information?
    • Product information for catalogs and lookup?
    • Inventory availability?
    • Customer specific volume and special pricing?
    • Payments matched to order processing?
  • Provide a web portal so your clients can access invoice and payment history, a current account statement, and make online payments?
  • Showcase your brand in colorized e-Form PDF files?

These are just some of the new features and custom options available. Because of how we’ve built Profits Plus, we can integrate with many different types of software with both simple imports & exports and with more advanced direct, real-time interfaces.

Our forward-looking nature is embedded into our brand name, MVS Alliance. MVS Alliance’s mission is to focus on our customer’s needs to empower their users and management so that information flows through their systems correctly and effectively. Decades of experience in business and technology solutions enables us to better serve your company when you need to make those big decisions. If you have questions about how your Profits Plus system can help achieve your company’s goals, please give us a call.