Simple Job Tracking and CRM

At MV we have been using a very cool application called Trello ( for several months now. We use it to run our weekly meetings, an essential component of our implementation of icube™ that we mentioned to you a while back in another newsletter.

Very simply, Trello is a very easy to use, simple, but highly customizable visual work-flow and project management system. It uses the concept of boards, lists, and cards to make work within a team understandable and easily tracked. Here’s where you can get more information:

Something else that Trello allows, is for easy integration with other applications. This is accomplished using an Application Programmers Interface (API). For the technically inclined, you can get more information at: For the rest, read on…

What this means is that we can use the ability of Trello for teams of users to easily manage the work that they are doing, get notifications, establish due-dates, define checklists, along with all the information that is stored and managed in third-party applications that are integrated with it. Now what if that third-party application was Profits Plus? There are many possibilities, and we see two that appear to be very exciting. Make sure you have reviewed the tour above to get a basic understanding of Trello before you read the next couple of sections.

  1. Job Tracking In this application imagine that there is a production board that has a card for each job in the company. Each card is directly linked to an order in Profits Plus and there are links in the card that enables users quickly open the order in a simple web screen to add items, adjust quantities, and enter memo notes using the MVS Web functions. You can also define color codes for the cards to define production departments, and checklists to manage quality and define a consistent process. When the work is done, the user just clicks on a link in the card to finalize all the work on the order and changes the assignment on the order to send it to billing. Of course this is just a sample workflow process and your own internal process may be quite different. The important thing is that because of the integration possibilities we can access Profits Plus functions from the workflow system.
  2. Simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM tasks can often be challenging for companies. Specialized CRM applications are often complex and cumbersome to use. A solution to that problem could be using Trello integrated with Profits Plus. To do this we would define a CRM board containing multiple lists, each identifying a stage in the process or customer relationship. Each customer would be represented by a card and all the interactions with the customer would be recorded on the card. There would also be a link in the card that would allow the user to look up that customer’s information from Profits Plus including sales history, item mix, preferences, payment history, etc. Trello would be used to manage any special tasks related to that customer with assignment to an owner, due dates and notification, and Profits Plus would enable the user to manage operations related customer information.

So why are we telling you this? Well, we think that both these applications will help improve productivity or sales or both in a company. To that end we are looking for a small list of customers who want to take this journey with us and help define the requirements and what they might look like.

We would like your help in selecting and defining one of the two projects described above. While there will be a financial commitment – we think it’s important that you think it’s worth paying for, we promise that it will be modest and will offer some worthwhile incentives to participate.

So, please e-mail or call at 800-334-8750 to join us!

Thank you!.
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