A Thank You and an Announcement!

Yes, the MV Software newsletter is still around. We apologize for the long radio silence. Like you, we have been busy, but that’s no excuse!

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to recognize you, our wonderful clients for making what we do meaningful and fulfilling. We are also thankful for the rich tapestry of situations in which we participate with you. This provides for a dimension of interest for sure!

It enables us to add new functionality to Profits Plus™ so that it continues to add high value in the modern business environment. In addition to that we are focused on making technical enhancements such as cloud access and external program interfaces. Maxene Reporter™ and MVSWeb™, our web-enabled services, are all experiencing similar growth and enhancements.

On a related note, we have also become adept at solving a wide range of problems in small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies. These are sometimes software related, but often aren’t. Most of the time they are process and workflow related and usually have a huge people factor. It’s probably something to do with our having to deal with complex data that can be held in our software system, and also having to distil it down to relevant usable and actionable information by leadership and management teams.

As we expand our services to growing and entrepreneurial companies, we are announcing the formation of an independent business unit of MV, called PCS Insight, LLC. PCS has taken some of this wisdom and developed icube™, a system that helps business leaders and entrepreneurs overcome the common challenges facing most successful, growing or transitioning companies such as internal alignment of team members, complexity of work, feeling overwhelmed, etc. which ultimately result in cash flow, profit, and growth challenges.

To learn more about icube™ and PCS, go to http://www.pcsinsight.com and let us know you are interested.

Wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

MV Team
(Cheryl, Jim, Joe, Lana, Neil, Pavan, and Vivek)