Branded Project Management and Online Collaboration Tools

Two more months and 2010 will be history. We’ll be scratching our heads and wondering where it went. Not that it will be that easy a year to miss if you look at business in general. Still, 2010 was better than 2009 and in the spirit of improvement and enhancement we have a couple of offerings for you to do even better in 2011.

Digital technology has led to some major disruptions in all media related businesses. Books, music, and movies have all been affected by the digital wave. Reprographics is no stranger to this phenomenon.

Time and again we have seen that companies that succeed during periods of disruption are the ones that embrace it as opposed to ones that resist it. Hence, through a strategic partnership with Creative System Dynamics, MV is excited to offer our customers, tools that can help them use the digital age to their advantage and to enhance their bottom-lines by creating new sales and profit channels.

MV is offering the following products that companies can offer to their customers as branded solutions, over the Internet. No infrastructure, installation, or technical support required. You focus on sales, we focus on support and delivery.

1. Comprehensive web-based project management

2. Web Conferencing and Online Collaboration and Meeting tools

3. Next Steps

Comprehensive web-based project management


Webtrack is a powerful, online project management system that is completely web-based, easy-to-use and customizable.

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Web Conferencing and Online Collaboration and Meeting tools

Convene is an online web-conferencing and collaboration tool with easy-to-use screen-sharing, whiteboarding, and enhanced presentation capabilities. More importantly, it is completely web-based, with no downloads required.

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Next steps


We are looking to partner with a limited number of early adopters to pilot an initial launch in select markets. These companies will have the opportunity to help shape the offering in these markets and also participate in early adopter and preferred partner discounts.

Please contact us to find out details of the program.

Thank you for being such a great customer.

The MV Software Team

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