If You Didn’t Sell It, Don’t Print It

A few years ago at an IRgA convention we were introducing our e-Forms enhanced document delivery to a customer and we provocatively stated, “If you didn’t sell it, don’t print it”. In other words, you don’t get any money to print and distribute invoices and statements as you do for print services.

It’s interesting how that expression has driven a lot of companies to use this technology. Not only do e-forms enable you to control your printed customer documents (invoices and statements) more effectively with customized messaging and functions, but the savings in postage, printing, and paper management costs can be substantial.

Going green can save you money

When we first introduced e-forms, it was because we wanted to take advantage of the special graphics features of laser printers. Customers were telling us that they didn’t want to be tied to obsolete information that was printed on their pre-printed forms. Some customers had purchased global warming causing quantities of such invoices and statements and had to manage area-codes that were changing faster than the phases of the moon.

What we didn’t realize is that as postage costs were going up, this became another driver for customers to begin emailing or faxing their statements and invoices. So much so, that we decided to use the technology ourselves. Yes, sometimes we are like the shoemaker’s children…

Our experience was startling. We were spending several hundred dollars a month on mailing invoices and statements, a practice that we have reduced substantially, resulting in tremendous savings. Our customers have reported similar results.

Calculate your own savings

We are often asked, “How much can I save if I use e-forms in my company?”

“It depends”, we reply.

The actual savings depends on the number of invoices and statements that you are mailing out every month and also on the number of customers that you can convert in a friendly way to accept invoices and statements electronically.

So we thought we would give you a simple tool to figure out your own savings. We have created a simple excel spreadsheet that you can use to quickly calculate how much you can save in mailing and printing costs if you email e-forms.

Of course, there may be other factors that affect costs such as the number of statements you print out with invoice details, how many documents other than invoices you print out that you could also email such as work-orders, shippers, etc.

Download the spreadsheet here…

2010 IRgA Convention special


We hope you will be attending the IRgA convention in Palm Springs, California, May 19th – 21st. MV will be exhibiting as always and we will be in booth 233. We would love to see you there, so please stop by. This is a link to some of the stuff we can chat about.

Also, as a special for the show, we have an attractive offer: MV will match your ROI payback by giving you a payment plan that will match your savings against the e-forms investment for up to 6 months.

For example, if you have a payback of 5 months, we will let you pay it off in 5 months, if it’s 4, then 4 payments, etc. This substantially reduces the risk, and cash-flow impact of implementing e-forms. Email us for more details.

Next month we will discuss how to ramp-up the use of e-forms one step further by delivering documents on the web.

Have a great spring!

Barbara, Cheryl, Jim, Joe, Neil, Vivek, and Pavan

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