Happy July

We hope your July began with a blast! We also hope that this commences a pleasant boom in construction activities.

There are some interesting developments on the GL side of things to report this month.

GL History File

As you may know, the P&L statement generated out of the system usually takes a single period of time and then gives the user an option to also see the year to date figures.

Recently we had a request from a customer to get an income statement over several months – perhaps the past year. With the way data was internally represented internally, this would have been hard to accomplish.

Neil solved this problem by creating a nice GL history file that contains pre-posted and calculated figures for the income statement accounts for a 24 month period. Currently this information is only presented in the Maxene Reporter report described below, but if you feel that you would like to see such information in a Profits Plus report, please let us know and we can discuss specific requirements.

P&L report using Maxene Reporter

As mentioned above, the data in the GL History file can be used to present trailing income statement information by month. At this point we have implemented a new Maxene Reporter report that will show the past 12 month income statement by month in an excel spreadsheet.

It has some neat features that are very useful in analyzing profitability:

  • Macros to see a statement code view or schedule code view of accounts and summations
  • The ability to enter custom subtotals to focus on a specific set of accounts for roll-up
  • Totals across the 12 months to get a running annual total
  • The ability to provide date as an input to specify the earlier 12 month period

Tip of the Month


There is a brand new option in order entry allowing you to set default transaction types by individual user instead of just globally. This is configured in the O/E “Default terminal whs/dept/trx” table, previously just warehouse & department defaults. Now your sales reps can default to “Quote” and billers can default to “Sale”, etc, etc.

You can also choose to “lock” that trx type so the user cannot change it.

Combing these two features select users can be limited to “quotes only” in order entry, making it handy for sales people to do their own quotes and still preserve the “Invoicing” function for separate billing staff.

With that we wish you an awesome July, and we’ll be back with you next month!

Barbara, Cheryl, Jim, Joe, Neil, Vivek, and Pavan

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