A Welcome to Summer

It’s been a busy May after the IRgA show. Pittsburgh turned out to be a great venue. Convenient to get to and a very welcoming downtown district. We even got to eat at the famous Big Jim’s diner featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”.

As usual it was great to see so many of our customers. Since we are all so spread apart, it’s hard to meet more often.

In this month’s letter we will be discussing some of the new offerings from MV that have generated a lot of interest:

MVS Web Online Document Access Updates

We have recently begun work on a very interesting enhancement to the Online Document Access module of MVSWeb. Currently the application enables internal and external users the view invoices by date range and also a current account status. All views provide links to invoice images if available.

Very soon you will also be able to look up customer checks by date range. In other words, the system will display all checks received within a date range. Then it will also retrieve the list of invoices that were paid by each check. Just as in the other two views, if there are invoice images, those can also be displayed. Furthermore, if you scan incoming checks, you would be able to view these images as well.

Electronic Commerce in MVSWeb


The other component of MVSWeb is the e-commerce integration that is offered in the web application. Very simply, this piece is a set of screens and functions that allow a user on the web to open orders, look up pricing for items, and submit orders into Profits Plus.

All of this is done in real-time using our own highly scalable web services API that we have built right into the Profits Plus application structure.

Electronic Catalog and Planroom Integration

The e-commerce module in MVSWeb provides the functions to do the business level transaction processing from the web. However, most of the time companies are interested in providing users their own view into the services or products that are being sold, such as from an electronic catalog or planroom.

With this in mind we have developed very easy to use tools to enable third-party web developers to call the e-commerce functionality. All they would need to do is to make an item number available to the outside application such as a planroom.

Then when the customer logs in, they can be very easily provided access to the e-commerce screens with which they can the process orders, without losing planroom functionality.

Tip of the Month


If you ever have a client ask for a report giving project costs for a time period, or for the life of a project, here is a report you can use:

Activity report by ship-screen fields (OHSACT)

It allows for user selectable fields from the shipping screen such as: Project, Job Name/Number, Ordered-by etc.

The field names are custom for each Profits Plus installation and the field numbers currently available to choose from are: 1,2, 23, or 25 from the shipping screen.

Note: This report is usually located in the “16. Miscellaneous history” sub-menu. However, it may be in a different menu in some installations.

Well, with that we wish you a warm, fun, and safe summer. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have!

Barbara, Cheryl, Jim, Joe, Neil, Vivek, and Pavan

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