March 2009 Newsletter

First an announcement, please mark your calendars. MV will be at IRgA 2009 from April 29 – May 1. We’ll be at booth 602, in the front right as you enter the main doors. Please stop by to say hi, and ask a question or two!

Now for our scheduled program:

Last month we talked about some of the innovations MV has made in the area of electronic delivery of documents.

This month we will discuss another frequently asked question:

How do I get my report directly into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, so I can manipulate the data on my own?

The answer to this question is in two parts:

Profits Plus Direct to Spreadsheet Integration

We recently introduced new functionality in Profits Plus so that you can directly export most reports into Excel without any intermediate steps by creating a file that Excel can recognize automatically.

This is implemented by creating special printer entries that we can setup for you in the system. When you choose this printer, the report file is in CSV format and can be viewed automatically in the Excel program.

Additionally, if you are running Profits Plus on a Windows server, the report file will automatically open Excel or any other spreadsheet program that is designated to open CSV files.

Also, if you have email delivery, you can have the report file emailed out of the system directly into your inbox.

This feature is within the base software and is available as an enhancement to all customers as part of the support program. Please feel free to email us if you would like to have this turned on.

Maxene Reporter for Additional Business Intelligence


As described above, the direct spreadsheet integration approach enables users to take most existing Profits Plus reports and view and edit the data in a spreadsheet. There may however be situations in which you might want information on a spreadsheet formatted a certain way, or containing information from multiple Profits Plus reports.

In such a situation, it may make more sense to implement Maxene Reporter. This is a separate, web-based product also developed and patented by MV to enable end-users to design the look and feel of their reports in a spreadsheet.

Then a developer can upload the file to the Maxene Reporter application, and write the appropriate queries to populate this information into this spreadsheet. The data can come not only from Profits Plus files, but also other databases using ODBC connectivitywhich most database systems such as SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle provide at no extra cost.

After a report is developed, it can be scheduled to run at a particular time daily, weekly, or monthly, or on demand, with the report emailed to as many recipients as needed.

For more information on how Maxene Reporter may work for you, please call us, or email us at

Finally, we get to…

Tip of the Month…


This month, be sure not to shoot any rabbits, it may be the Easter Bunny!

With that, we wish you a great Spring, and will have another installment for you next month!

Barbara, Cheryl, Jim, Joe, Neil, Vivek, and Pavan

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