February 2009 Newsletter

We all hope that 2009 has started off well. For us the year has brought interesting events and projects. So we thought we would share a few tidbits with you.

MV gets green innovator award…

As we had mentioned in our holiday letter in December, MV Software was nominated and to be honored as a green innovator company by Corp Magazine leading business publication in the Great Lakes area.

They were impressed by our e-forms and enhanced document delivery options and liked the fact that with this technology, companies can go completely paperless.

The immediate and realizable benefits are savings in internal printing, postage, and storage costs. More importantly however, enhanced document delivery can ensure that customers get important documents such as invoices and statements in real-time and there are no incremental costs in providing multiple copies of these documents to customers.

Our MVSWeb(tm) Online Document access further enhances value by enabling companies to give their customers real-time access to these documents via a simple web browser in an easy to use interface.

However, after talking to some of our customers casually, we realized that e-forms, enhanced document delivery, and MVSWeb appear to be our best kept secrets!

Since it’s probably not a good practice to hide your products from your customers, we thought we would take a moment to explain what this is all about. These are just brief descriptions. If you need more information, please feel free to call us: (248) 583-4110.

e-forms and MVSWeb Online Document Access..


Very simply, e-forms is a way of creating an electronic form with rich graphics such as special fonts, logos, and images and storing it in the computer. This form is then used as an overlay when an invoice, statement, or letter on company letterhead is to be printed. Letterhead e-forms can also be used for purchase orders, delivery tickets or other secondary forms, which may not be pre-printed, but look much more professional as e-forms.

These documents can then be printed on standard laser printers or high-speed plain paper reproduction equipment that support a standard HP printer emulation language.

In other words, with e-forms you don’t need pre-printed forms!

Enhanced document delivery takes this one step further. With this technology, all e-forms, and all reports are generated as print ready electronic documents in PDF format. These documents can then be emailed or faxed to recipients, or archived internally completely eliminating the need to print even documents in day to day operations.

Next month we’ll talk about how to get standard reports directly into Excel from Profits Plus(tm)!

Finally, MVSWeb(tm) Online Document Access is a simple web application that companies can publish on their websites to enable their customers access their invoices and get a real-time account status online using a secure login.

Furthermore, internal users can very simply access the same information but for any customer for whom they need to look up information.

Tip of the Month…


Starting with this newsletter, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our experiences related to some commonly asked questions that seem to come up in waves into our support area.

One such question is:

How do I get a list of inactive customers in Profits Plus?

The answer to this is in our latest super-duper knowledge base document on this topic that you can access here.

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